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Titanic The Ship of Dreams
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Titanic Collectibles

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Titanic Crew Profiles

Captain Edward Smith known as the "millionaire's Captain," his constant cheerfulness made him popular with both passengers and crew, hence prominent members of society often traveled on ships under his command. Faithful to the tradition of the sea, Capt. Smith stood on the bridge while his ship sank. He refused to get into lifeboat and was reported to have save the life of a child before he himself drowned.

Thomas Andrews was managing director pf Harland & Wolff and head of its design department. During ppp the sinking, he helped evacuate passengers and launch lifeboats. Heroic to the end, it is believed that he was last seen in the main dining room gazing at a picture entitled, "Entrance to New York".

Jack Phillips was the wireless operator who remained at his post relaying distress signls from the Titanic to any potential rescue ships in the area. Even after being released by Captain Smith and told to save himself, Phillips stayed until the very end before abandoning ship. He managed to reach lifeboat B, but died of exposure during the night.

The Titanic's orchestra continued to play even though the ship was sinking and all knew they would be lost. The last melody remains in dispute but one of band lead Hartley's favorites were: Neared My God to Thee". Other reports state that its finale was the waltz tune "Songs d' Autonme". Insofar as every bandsman went down with the ship, the truth will never be known. The tune "A Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss" has bee selected as reminiscent of the period.

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