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Harland & Wolff

Founded in January 1862, Harland and Wolff has had a distinguished record of shipbuilding that spans more than 130 years. The birthplace of TITANIC, the company's yards at Queen's Island in Belfast, Northern Ireland, have produced a veritable parade of vessels, from tiny tenders to monstrous tankers.

American financier J.P. Morgan had created International Mercantile Marine (IMM). This huge conglomerate already owned a number of transatlantic lines. Morgan wanted to add the White Star Line to IMM.

White Star's future looked bright. Atlantic routes between Liverpool and Boston, Boston and the Mediterranean ports and Southampton and New York. The White Star line became locked in a fierce battle with the Cunard Line for control of the hugely profitable North Atlantic run between Britain and the United States.

The trend towards bigger and faster ships had been a feature of nineteenth maritime history. This required Harland and Wolff to enlarge its building slips to make way for the first two of its three planned "Olympic class" vessels. Sister ships, the Olympic and Titanic were virtually identical in their basic construction.

To celebrate it's history within the maritime trade Harland and Wolff have endorsed the development of an exclusive collection of objects that will be marketed throughout the world under the brand name Harland and Wolff Maritime Heritage Collection.

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